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Nov 8, 2012 12:00pm EST
keurigs on your counter? >> this is the machine. this is a machine that is specific to espresso and if you look at the verissimo, it can do brewed coffee and the nespresso is the leading one in the niche. >> what do you think of green mountain and starbucks? do you really want to take on starbucks? >> i don't want to get involved in green mountain because the risk reward is too will bahnessaed for me and why go through the aggravation? i am aggravated with apple to go back to the other discussion where it doesn't take as much to figure out whether they'll keep doling that out. >> schultz has said all of the right things about the partnership they have with green mountain, but you know behind the scenes he wants to kick their you know what. >> i own starbucks and i'll add to this, and when a look at green mountain it is absent of an institutional-type investor. that investor is gone. the mutual fund community is not attractive and so you never have that passive, marginal buyer in green mountain itself. that's where i think the vulnerability is. >> herb, i'll give you the last word. i unders
Nov 28, 2012 6:00am EST
quarter earnings and revenue beat the street. if you don't know, green mountain makes those keurig brewing systems and the k cups that go with them. also the current quarter in full year much more than what people were expecting. >> he was short on that. it came down. >> and then groupon shares got a boost. reporting that the company is discussing some management changes, including bringing in a new ceo. >> the ceo is speaking today in new york. there was this whole big scuttlebutt about whether he was going to cancel because there was this report that said he was leaving. so we will see if maybe he will speak to this issue. >> interesting. it will be good to hear him. he's a character. >> complete and utter character. that is a good way to describe him. >>> let's take a look at the markets this morning. yesterday, the markets did close at the lows of the day. a lot of concern after harry reid made some comments suggesting that maybe there was not a lot of progress made. eamon javers has commented saying you shouldn't read too closely into it, but this morning futures are indicated slightl
Nov 8, 2012 9:00am EST
keurig -- i'm losing track of what is going on. who's friend and who's enemy? >> herb greenberg is -- made it -- go on twitter and has the release. he's saying they're taking aim at starbucks. those who have taken aim at starbucks over time are idiots. it's worked. you want to be partners with starbucks. not enemies. worldwide. india, starbucks doing very, very well in the initial and green mountain doing best to try to bury the hatchet before it's buried through their head. >> anyway, retailers we should note and talk about retailers this morning upping the ante for the holiday shopping season. walmart beginning the black friday sales on thursday and starting thanksgiving night, the earliest ever to start those sales. meantime kohl's forecasting a rise in sales in the holiday quarter but earnings guidance for the current quarter is below wall street forecasts. >> they had momentum there and kind of took the wind out of the sail. i still don't like the presentation at kohl's versus target. these door busters, these prices, i think that america's eyes glaze over or go to amazon p
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3